Parker Profile (P. III)

I decided to get this pen from a seller on eBay, and at first, it didn’t write very well, to be honest, but now it writes a little better, provided you give it some priming.

Appearance (8/10)- It does look pretty good, with a brushed metal section and barrel finial. The body has a slightly glossy and marbled appearance, and is leaning towards pink, although in the pictures I saw it looks more like burgundy. The cap is made of the same material, with no cap band, and has a finial made of the same sort of plastic, and snaps onto the section, and spins freely enough. Its spring-loaded slip ends in the familiar arrow shape, and has chrome-trim, with the words “PARKER” and “MADE IN UK P.III” at the area where a cap-band would be.

Quality (8.5/10)- Everything feels pretty solid, except where the section screws into the body, which, at least I think, looks an feels a little rough.

Weight and Dimensions (8/10)- Quite light, even when posted. It is 5 3/8 inches capped,  4 1/2 inches uncapped, and about 6 5/16 inches posted.

Nib and Preformance (6/10)- This nib is made out of stainless steel, with the Parker name on it. The nib is supposedly a fine, but feels like it is closer to a medium point. Naturally, it doesn’t have a breather-hole, and is very small for the overall size of the pen. The low score comes from the fact that when you write, it tends to dry up, requiring some arm exercise. I understand that this phenomenon comes from the fact that it is sent out of the factory with a pre-made baby’s bottom, which can lead to flow disruption on quality paper, although I hear that it makes it smoother.

Filling System (6/10)- This is a proprietary Parker cartridge-converter setup, which does hold quite a bit of ink. Not really what I would like, but it does the job.

Cost and Value (7/10)- At a cost of roughly 16 USD, this pen works well enough, even if it is a bit expensive.

Conclusion (~7/10)- This UK-only pen is adequate for its price, but I won’t be giving it any accolades, nor designating it my daily writer, mostly for the flow issues.

Like always, I owe you some pictures and a writing sample.

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