Platinum Plaisir (PGB-1000)

I recently got this pen from Goulet Pens, who are a very good seller, and if you buy a pen from them during this Christmas season, you get a free ink sample of 2ml with every purchase under $50. Anyhow, following that shameless plug for a fantastic seller, who also have a blog, Ink Nouveau, here is the review of the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen, which I chose in the red color, and with what is either a 03 nib, or supposedly a 0.3mm nib, and it even came with a free cartridge, although no real packaging except a little plastic bag and bubble wrap, as well as my ink sample of Diamine Indigo, which I have yet to try. I do love those little boxes, although I suppose I will survive. It cost 20 USD, and had 5 USD shipping charge, which I suppose is not too bad. Anyhow, onto the review, whose layout I have “borrowed” from the FPN.

Appearance & Design (9/10) – This pen is quite attractive, with a halfway shiny exterior of what I believe is anodized aluminum. The clip looked odd to me, with a center stripe of red, and although it was not spring-loaded, it was not too bad. The center band appears to have chrome trim to my unexperienced eyes, but someone else may disagree. The center band is quite wide, and says Plaisir, then some interlocking rings, then the Platinum logo, then PLATINUM JAPAN, then more interlocking rings. Above and below the engraving are two textured rings the jut out slightly from the band. Although I could not see it, the top of the cap is engraved “03”. The section is siimilar to that of the Pilot Varsity, and apparently, to the Platinum Preppy, and is clear, showing the gray feed and collector, attaching to the cap via a snap mechanism. The only bad part, in my opinion, is the fact that when in the pocket, the cap tends to jut out a little more than a centimeter. All in all, not too bad.

Construction & Quality (9/10) – It is very sturdy, with an aluminum body, and although I am loath to drop it, should it drop, due to its rather slick body, I am confident that it would suffer no more than a few scrathes. The only reason it doesn’t get a perfect it due to the slickness.

Weight & Dimensions (9/10) – Although I am only using a ruler, it is 5 1/2″ long capped, 4 11/16″ uncapped, and 5 15/16″ posted, making it, just by a hair, my longest pen, longer than the TWSBI Diamond 530. According to the Goulet Pen Company, it is 15.4 grams, and feels very light to me. The only trouble here is that I prefer a pen with a bit more heft to it.

Nib & Performance (8/10) – It is a orange-reddish color, and has no breather hole, only an engraved circle where the breather hole would be. Underneath that is the Platinum logo, and then 03, the designation for nib size. From what I have seen, the nib is a little scratchy, and is a little small for my tastes, but that’s small potatoes, as long as it writes well, which it does.

Filling System & Maintenance (7/10) – It’s the run-of-the-mill cartridge/converter filler, with the interesting Platinum cartridges, which have the little metal ball in them. I do prefer piston-fillers and other kinds, but this is fairly good. The extra point comes from the much touted ability of it to last an entire year without losing any ink due to evaporation.

Cost & Value (9/10) – Being that it costs 20 USD, this is a good price, and it is a good pen, considering the other offerings at this price point.

Conclusion (~8.5/10) –  Not a perfect pen, by any means, but is quite good, and although I would never need their “year-long-evaporation-prevention”, it is always nice to know that a pen company is trying to make a pen for the Average Joe. I wholeheartedly support the purchase of this pen.

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