Pelikan M205

Quite a while ago, around August, I received in the mail my Pelikan M205, in what has been termed white, but I think is closer to a cream color. Upon opening the large box that held it, I saw the multiple shades of blue that made up the outer box of the “Cremeweiss-chrom fullhalter”. This led to the inner box with a guarantee booklet, and upon opening the box, with the similar shades of blue, a off-white interior, more off-white than a cream,k and the pen under the band, which I removed almost instantly.

Appearance (10/10)- First let me say that I much prefer a gold trim to this chrome trim, but it is attractive none the less. The entire pen is the familiar Pelikan shape, with a single cap band, and one band on the blind cap. The cap, which is, much like many Pelikans, a twist-on, has a simple cap band which says “PELIKAN” and “GERMANY”. The clip is like the usual Pelikan clip, plated with chrome. The cap ring is also chrome plated, and holds the little Pelikan “button”, which displays the usual pelican and chick in a silver color. Upon removing the cap, the ink view is visible, which I believe to be more useful than the one on my M200 that I reviewed previously. One odd phenomenon is that the section, when in use, seems a different color than the barrel, something not caused by shadows. Perhaps this is a similar phenomenon as seen by the Lamy Blue cartridges when next to the Noodler’s Blue, making the Lamy ink seem more like a purple. Also, can be a fingerprint magnet.

Quality (9/10)- As per the Pelikan usual, nearly flawless, from the smooth plastic body and cap, to the butter-smooth piston mechanism. There was, however, one small issue, which bothered me to no end, being the seam where they molded the section. I suppose that it is a little problem in retrospect, but it did standout in an otherwise flawless pen.

Weight and Dimensions (8/10)- This is one of my smaller pens, measuring in at 4 7/8 inches capped, 4 5/8 inches uncapped, and 5 7/8 inches posted. Although I have no fancy measuring device, you’ll just have to trust me that it is a light-weight pen. This may not be a problem with other people, but it is a little problem with me, considering that I prefer larger and heavier pens.

Nib (7/10)-  This is a stainless steel open nib, in an EF point, and it may be chrome-plated, although I can’t tell. Like many of the other Pelikan nibs, this nib has a slight springiness to it, a quality that, as I have noted before, I enjoy. This is where the review deviates from “Pelikan worship”. When I first got the pen, and filled it with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black, it skipped like crazy, and was only slightly fixed by widening the space between the gaps by pressing down. After a while, it writes much better, but I always remember how much it didn’t work.

Filling System (10/10)- This is one of my favorite filling systems, the piston filler. Not to mention, the Pelikan piston filler is, by nature, smooth as silk. Smoother, in fact. Anyhow, it is somewhat better by the fact that you can remove the nib in order to fill the pen without wasting much ink, by way of syringe.

Cost and Value (8/10)- While this is a very good pen, and I am sure that it was reasonably priced, I still can’t shake the feeling that this is very expensive for a pen with just a plain steel nib. Of course, I am sure that someone will come along and show me something with a higher price that only has a steel nib.

Conclusion (7.5/10)- While this is a good pen, I would most certainly not get it again, and would definitely not purchase it at MSRP.

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