Sheaffer No-nonsense

A while ago, I purchased a different Sheaffer, an Imperial III, from terim, a very nice seller on eBay, and guess my surprise to see a free pen thrown in, with a Sheaffer cartridge! With soccer-ball print, no less.

Appearance (8/10)- It’s a Sheaffer No-Nonsense, with a screw-in black section, and a flat-top cap, which screws on, with the word “SHEAFFER” on the clip, which I find isn’t flexible enough for my tastes. Like I said earlier, it has a soccer-ball print on the plastic cap and body.

Quality (7/10)- This is by no stretch of the imagination an expensive pen, and it shows. Despite that, it still holds together well enough, with the possible exception of the cap band, which spins, and the little doohickey that goes into the top of the cap, which I believe fell out. Even if it didn’t, it looks like it did.

Weight and Dimensions (8/10)- The length of this pen is 5 3/16 inches capped, 4 13/16 inches uncapped, and roughly 6 inches posted. It is very light, due to the all plastic construction, and I can’t feel much of a difference in terms of balance between posted and not posted.

Nib (8/10)- It uses an open steel nib, with a medium-sized point, which it about the same size as a 1980-90‘s Sheaffer School Pen’s fine nib. It is fairly smooth, considering.

Filling System (6/10)- This pen uses the proprietary Sheaffer cartridge-converter system. Nothing more to say, really.

Cost and Value (10/10)- With a cost of nothing, this is the best value I could get unless I found a free Montblanc sitting in my doorway.

Conclusion (~8/10)- This is a good-enough pen, provided you can get it at a low enough price, although it will never be a daily writer for me.

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